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Fifth ZhangLi small mann

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Fifth ZhangLi small mann  Empty Fifth ZhangLi small mann

Post  kun21 Tue May 17, 2011 2:47 am

Alma mater and than before and not too big change, change just come and go, by four load youth signet an unforgettable memory.
Next, grass green shade, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] some lower classwoman drove by in a quiet reading, very harmonious and peaceful, such as YeFan feels like back in the past, away from the three years experience of blundering with noise.
After graduation, all busy with ideal for life, many people away from the city, but a few people outside YeFan etc limited, others are almost first return to the Alma mater. The nearby small lake scenic QingYang, microwave, still can still clearly remember when those or melancholy decadent, or the butterflies figure in lake embrace guitar performances campus folk scene.
Even after years past, whenever melody rang, total meeting lets a person remember the innocent trust in the 3rd, the gentle sadness let people sad and sweet, easy to move people's hearts. Years precipitation, which always leaves a sour taste. Little
Just don't know when those people now whether it can be picked up the guitar performances, after graduation is hard to find where they had gone.
"I ambiguously hear between friends said, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] when the melancholy guitar player in another city a bar, a few years down in singing." are vicissitudes of life "Remember the school band the versatile long legs, and very beautiful sister, and pure lead vocalist, allegedly now in a nightclub PeiJiu." They can only uttered a sigh. After graduation, a lot of people were encountered ideal and implementation of the shock. Sometimes life is really very helpless, let a person feel frustrated and confused.
Brief silence, it is writed by 443479661 on 5.16 they continue to forward to walk. At this moment, LinJia came to YeFan side.
She was wearing a blue and white snow spins dress and skirt hem to ham place two slender leg, will set off more white and moving. She taken a black belt, make waists, long hair hang freely more show morbidezza in feng ting's chest, shape curve and moving. Fair appearance, snow-white skin, have different customs of the phoenix eye slightly nose-up LinJia inclined fly, the people have a shares special temperament. "Clearly a car, why not say to me yesterday?" "Where I have a chance to say.Party time is extended, will visit mount taishan, all WangZiWen and take all the people ZhouYiDeng by normal, it maybe for an arm overhead, but it wasn't a problem for them. hree days later, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] YeFan in mount taishan feet again see the familiar figure. Three years later, LiXiaoMan still TingXiu, and no graceful too big change. She could have 170 centimeters tall, wear a pair of sunglasses, black hair with the wind blowing and stood there graceful. Her dress is very simple and optional and cool and refreshing, private parts is a to knee above, slender legs shorts, white upper is moving, and with the cartoon design one tee shirt. LiXiaoMan undoubtedly very beautiful skin white, tender, eyes are very big, eyelash is very long, appear very aura, the whole people not make public but is very confident. She calmly as the students with the surrounding conversation,obvious became a central character, but also can let a person feel kind. In LiXiaoMan side has a tall young, according to introducing is her American classmate, relative to the soft embellish smooth orientals face it, he is a typical western face, very solid, high nose bridge pretty, BiLanSe eyes slightly concave, blond curly, with some western standards of beauty is very handsome. Hi, I'm cade, yearning, finally to mount tai...." see can... The youth of America although called cade fluently, but words is not enough to clearly express words meaning. The two other returned classmates have been enthusiastic surrounded, are being questioned on the other side of the life and study. After three years, YeFan again see LiXiaoMan, have kind of space, the feeling of change time circulation.
Both are calm, polite greetings, not after a long separation of joy, some just plain water, even some there flavor.


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